All businesses may benefit from SEO or search engine optimisation. Benefits include increased online visibility and the chance to identify as an industry expert. 

Several things may go wrong if a business owner tries to do it independently. Check out below the most frequent local SEO errors to avoid if your website isn’t ranking the way you want it to. 

1. Stuffing Keywords 

Keyword stuffing is a widespread issue on local company websites. If you overuse keywords in your content, Google’s crawlers will identify your site as spam and penalise you. 

The footer of a company’s website is a frequent area for local businesses to pack keywords. Users and search engines alike will find it strange if you put every location landing page in the footer.

2. Having Duplicate On-Site Landing Page Content 

Copying and pasting identical information from page to page and altering the name of the town or service area is another typical blunder made by website owners when creating their geographical landing pages. Due to Google’s aversion to duplicating content, this is one of the riskiest actions you can take. 

If your website has identical material on many pages, Google may flag it and remove it from search results, making it practically hard for people to reach your site. 

3. Absence of a Google My Business page 

Creating or claiming a Google My Business profile is often overlooked by businesses. For local companies, Google My Business is a free tool that helps them connect with their consumers and boosts the likelihood that they’ll appear in local search results like the Map Pack.

4. Making a Google My Business Account without a Physical Location 

Google My Business profiles are unnecessary for businesses that don’t have a physical presence in a specific location, even if they provide services in that area. 

It’s best to create location landing pages on your website to communicate to Google and visitors that you serve more locations than simply those near your physical location. Google cannot authenticate a Google My Business listing without an actual location. 

5. Lacking Contact Information 

Businesses, particularly local businesses, should consider adding a Contact Us page on their website. Many people visit a local business’s website to gather contact information. Therefore this page helps improve the user experience. 

Also, it enables Google to validate your contact information on your Google My Business page and elsewhere on the internet. 

6. Missing Relevant Categories

Your Google My Business page is the most likely place to make mistakes. You need to be visible in as many locations as possible to reach your intended audience. 

Take your time, and don’t rush while developing your page. Adding useless categories to your Google profile is against the terms of service. As a result, having more categories is desirable. 

Look at the internet profiles of the most well-known businesses in your region to see what categories they have selected. 

7. Having Inconsistent Online NAP Information

This is a case of inconsistency between Name, Address, and Phone number (NAP). Your website and Google My Business page must provide the same contact information. 

To make things even more interesting, Google analyses the contact information on your website with the information posted on other websites throughout the internet! 

This implies that your NAP must be consistent across all web pages where you provide your contact information to customers. Utilize the Moz Local search tool to check for inconsistencies in your NAP information. Just enter your company’s details into the tool, and it will notify you immediately if there are any issues. 

Avoid These SEO Blunders

Business owners can make a few familiar local SEO mistakes that can hurt their ranking and visibility. By avoiding the mistakes we’ve listed, business owners can improve their chances of ranking higher in search results and attracting more customers.

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