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You’re probably spending your hard-earned money by displaying ads to the wrong audience.

“Traffic via PPC yields 50% more conversions over organic advertising.”

The overarching goal of every online business is to make sure that its website is visible to its target audience. Since the SEO process takes months to generate organic leads, brands frequently turn to Google Ads pay-per-click (PPC) services to generate instant traffic to their website.

Paid campaigns are ideal for companies with aggressive growth goals as it enables them to appear at the top of search results in a very short duration. When combined with a persuasive website, PPC campaigns generate valuable leads and result in greater conversions.

However, not all PPC campaigns are equally effective. While well-targeted Google Ad campaigns can do wonders, poorly managed campaigns can drain your funds and make your entire investment worthless.

Frank Digital has immense experience executing PPC campaigns and targeting the single-keyword ad groups used by your niche customers. Then, we couple them with our advanced keyword research to give your business the best, most cost-effective results.

When you choose us, you collaborate with a team of Google Ads management experts committed to optimising your cost per click, resulting in greater inquiries.

PPC Management Services For Greater Leads

Whether you’re starting from scratch or need PPC management services to optimise your existing campaigns, we can be of great help. Our PPC experts ensure that your website only appears in front of your targeted customer demographic and that you only pay for clicks from potential customers.

Our PPC management begins by evaluating your current campaigns and then moving ahead with the necessary planning. We will then schedule ads to adjust bids based on the time of the day when the probability of conversion is high and create a custom ad schedule to ensure you do not waste money on clicks that aren’t converting.

We understand how important it is for you to utilise your PPC budget efficiently, and we will leave no stones unturned in reaching your audience at the time when they are looking for a business like yours.

PPC Management
Services Checklist

Complete Campaign Audit

We will conduct an in-depth analysis of your existing Ad campaign and present you with a detailed audit report of the shortcomings.

Budget Recommendations

We will recommend whether to increase or decrease the budget for your ad campaigns.

Keyword Optimisation

We use Google Search Console and top keyword research tools to find high-value keywords relevant to your products and services.

Conversion Tracking

We guarantee the success of your campaign by providing monthly conversion tracking reports. You can quickly assess the overall ROI of your campaigns with our in-depth reports.

Campaign Management

Whether you need to start from scratch or have several ongoing campaigns requiring expert management, we're ready to help.

Ad Copy Strategy

Our expert copywriters help your brand roar louder on the internet! We create engaging copies for impressive strategies that aid conversion.

Your Trusted PPC Management Services

Over the years, Frank Digital has assisted many businesses with well-directed PPC management services and has rewarded them with greater inquiries. Every campaign we manage is overseen by industry experts who believe in scaling your efforts with the most cost-effective and result-driven ad campaigns.

Rather than spending more, we concentrate on bringing valuable traffic to your website. Our campaigns ensure that your products reach your target audience quickly and cost-effectively.

An efficient ad campaign requires a great deal of experience and expertise, which not every business has. We have worked with many companies, from start-ups to large corporations, and have delivered proven results with a 100 percent success rate.

Client results


Every PPC ad comes with its campaign budget. The CPC can vary between 20 cents to 7 dollars depending on the industry and the competitive nature of the keyword.

There’s no such thing as a reasonable budget to get started with Google PPC ad campaigns. However, depending on the type of keywords you target and the results, it can be anywhere between a one to several thousand dollars.

You can expect results within the first month of your partnership with Frank Digital. However, it entirely depends on the industry type and keywords we’re targeting.

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