Audience targeting can be a useful way to reach the people interested in your products or services. Keywords alone may not give the intent behind a search, so demographic information needs to be layered on top. 

Google, like Facebook, tracks user demographics. The company gathers internet browser activity, login information, app usage and video consumption data to paint a picture of who we are online. This online behaviour data combined gives Google an image of who we are as individuals.

When you create content that caters to specific types of audiences, your campaigns will be more effective. Let’s take a look at some of the types of audiences you may need to cater to.

1) Demographic-Based Audiences

Companies use Google Search Ads to target consumers by their demographics. The main demographic information you can target includes age and gender. Other demographics include interests, behaviours and social characteristics.

Demographic targeting allows you to choose from several options including Desired Income, Household Size and Home Ownership.

2) Basic Affinity Audiences

Google Search Ads can be used to reach customers by their basic affinity groups. This includes their interest in music and sports, their hobbies and their career information.

There are many ways to get your business noticed on Google Search. The following types of affinity audiences help you reach people who have an interest in your industry.

a) Job Title

Google helps you find potential customers by targeting terms related to people’s job titles. This allows you to show your ads to people who are interested in the same types of industries that you offer products or services in.

b) Company Size

You can target your ads by company size, a group of consumers whose size you have a preference for. Larger companies have more money, which means you stand a better chance of making a sale.

c) Interests

The interests audience allows you to target users based on the keywords they type into Google. This is a useful tool for targeting people who have an interest in your industry and who may be looking for specific solutions to their problems or for information about your industry.

3) Custom Affinity Audiences

Google Search Ads allows you to create custom affinity audiences. This is based on custom categories created from your own list of customers. You can use this to find people who have bought from you before or who fit a similar profile to existing customers.

If you’re trying to reach a specific audience that isn’t listed as an audience option, you can create a custom affinity audience. 

4) In-Market Audiences

In-market audiences are very powerful because they allow you to target people who have recently searched for a solution to a problem or for specific information about a product or service. 

Google can help you find people who are actively looking for what you’re selling, which makes it a very powerful tool to use. 

5) Customer Match Audiences

Customer match audiences help you re-market to customers who have previously visited your site. You can create ads based on customer data you have already collected to get in front of potential customers for your product or service.

Google Search Ads and You

Google has a strong reputation among marketers, and it continues to improve. Since the Google AdWords platform has become so popular, it would serve marketers well to learn how to use it well.

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