Besides Facebook, Google is one of the most active internet platforms worldwide. This search engine platform receives an incredible amount of searches every second, totalling more than two trillion yearly. And we can see that number continues to grow as more people rely on the internet to answer their questions. 

For this reason, now is the perfect time to implement and run a Google Ads search campaign. This article will define Google Ads Search, ad auction, and how to select the best bid. Keep reading to determine the advantages of running this campaign. 

What Are Google Ads Search? 

Google Ads allows businesses to run pay-per-click (PPC) ads using the world’s most powerful search engine. You can find these ads above the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) in the search feed to give you greater visibility than organic search results. 

What Is the Ad Auction? 

Google conducts a live auction to decide which ads to display based on its maximum bid, search context, ad extensions, and quality rating. These factors ensure Google will place your ads where they’ll perform best. 

How to Select the Right Bid 

While you can manually set your bids for specific keywords and ad sets, we don’t recommend it for those launching their first Google Ads Search campaign. However, they can help drive up the cost of competitive words. Your bidding options are pay-per-click, cost-per-engagement, and cost-per-mille (thousand impressions).

Advantages of Running a Google Search Ads Campaign

After discussing Google Ads Search, ad auction, and choosing the best bid, this section will enumerate why your business must run this campaign today. 

1. Target Keywords

Finding effective keywords for niche areas can be challenging, especially for small businesses. Fortunately, you can try different marketing campaigns quickly and easily by conducting regular A/B testing and lookalike audiences. You should also work with an organisation specialising in keyword management automation to simplify optimisation. 

2. Manage the Campaign Easily 

Using the ad manager to oversee your marketing efforts is a convenient way to advertise your business. It lets you create a campaign from scratch, customise it for a particular demographic, and budget for advertisement expenses. 

3. Maximise Search Intent 

Today, you can quickly uncover a substantial range of answers to your questions in Google because of the Hummingbird algorithm. It’s also because of how Google implements deep learning to determine what people are asking, thus letting the search engine find the most relevant ads to the search. 

You can achieve the best outcomes by focusing on keywords related to conversions like “order” or “purchase” together with applicable terms to your industry. 

4. Target Ads

Google Ads Search lets you target your ads to a specific audience by age, demographics, interests, location, marital status, purchase history, search intent, and marital status. That way, you can implement a more precise marketing campaign. 

5. Access Google Analytics

Using Google Analytics lets you gain insight into your marketing efforts’ effectiveness. You can use the data to assess performance, allowing you to identify points for improvement. This analytics tool lets you spot trends and determine the most effective ones. That way, you can adjust your approach and maximise your marketing initiatives. 

6. Scalable

As businesses grow, they also need marketing strategies that develop and adjust. Fortunately, analytics can provide them insights into their marketing campaigns’ performance, allowing for better decision-making. Lookalike audiences and experimenting with keywords can help you reach more people and optimise strategies. 

7. Get Better Marketing Reach

Google Ad Search is a powerful marketing campaign tool that lets businesses reach a broader audience and include targeted calls to action (CTAs).

Grow Your Business with Google

Google Ads Search lets businesses reach a better audience because of its broad and daily reach. You can enjoy these benefits by regularly optimising your marketing efforts and working with a reputable agency. 

If you need to implement a Google Ads Search for your business, work with Frank Digital Agency. We’re ready to get your website on the first page of Google’s search results. Schedule your free no-obligation consultation today!