Search engine optimisation (SEO) is meant to improve your site’s visibility and generate traffic from people searching for your products and services. However, multiple factors can affect the success of your SEO strategy.

Do you think that your SEO strategy is not working? This may be because you haven’t been doing SEO long enough to formulate a working system for your business or are not hiring people who are good at SEO marketing.

In this article, we will run you through the common problems in SEO strategies and how you can improve them.

Problems with Your Content

An SEO strategy will not be effective without quality content. 

While it is normal for some articles to perform less than others, having consistently unengaging and poorly written content will affect your site’s rankings. Here are some common problems with content:

  • Content That Doesn’t Address Queries: If your content does not match the intent of queries of your audience, they are not likely to engage with your website. 

You will need to research the Google rankings of queries to make content that matches your audiences’ interests or what they are actively searching for.

  • Having Too Many Keywords in Your Content: Although using keywords in your content can help you get traffic interested in that type of content, make sure you are not overdoing it either.

Stuffing your content full of keywords can be counterproductive to your SEO efforts. Make sure you read through your content and get rid of awkward sounding target words or phrases.

  • Duplicate Content: Having duplicate content on your site is not harmful to your audience per se, but it can confuse search engines on which article they should rank. Instead of choosing one from the duplicates, the search engine may rank none at all.

Having duplicate content from other websites also counts as plagiarism, which can lead to a potential lawsuit.

Off-Page SEO Problems

There are SEO factors outside your website that may be out of your control. These can be tricky to fix as you don’t have direct control over them, but there are things you can do to help, such as:

  • Links from Authoritative Websites: Every time your site is linked to another site that is considered authoritative or has a good ranking, this adds to your page rank and boosts your SEO. 

You can see the sites that link to your business through sites and tools such as Ahrefs and SEMrush.

  • Having a Google My Business (GMB) Account: GMB allows you to track and optimise your local SEO so you can appear in search results, maps, and local listings.

Get a Technical SEO Audit

Getting a technical SEO audit helps you see the specific problems in your SEO strategy and how you can improve them. This method can essentially improve your organic search visibility overnight.

A technical SEO audit ensures that your site is structured well and accessible to web crawlers for indexing.

Improving Your SEO

There are multiple factors to consider when improving your website’s SEO, and this may be challenging if you are a beginner or if this is not your field of expertise. By hiring trusted SEO service providers, you can drastically improve your site’s SEO. 

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