Every online business owner must know the basics of building quality external links for search engine optimisation (SEO) to increase visibility while generating more sales and leads. However, some business owners are still unaware of this term and how it works.

While it’s an excellent idea to invest in SEO services to ensure your website lands the top search results, you must also understand the basics of link building and what it can do to help your company. 

This article will define link building and its benefits and determine if link exchange can benefit your SEO. 

What Is Link Building

External link building is the SEO strategy of getting other relevant websites and sectors to backlink your company website. With a click, these links help users reach different web pages and sites, including yours. It can help boost your website in search engine results, site authority, and return on investment. 

And while the idea of link building is relatively straightforward, managing it is a different matter, and it can be more complicated than you think to execute it unless you’re an SEO expert. 

What Are the 5 Benefits of Link Building

SEO means not taking any shortcuts. And like everything else, good things come to those who wait. A sound SEO and link building strategy can let you create relationships with higher-ranking sites. This section will discuss the five benefits of allowing SEO services to develop a proper link building technique. 

1. Establish Your Brand

Excellent link building strategies are essential to establishing authority in your sector. Regularly creating and publishing relevant, informative, and valuable content combined with asking the correct sites to link and share it can boost your brand and reputation. And eventually, your SEO. 

2. Drive Higher Referral Traffic

After your link gets an excellent footing on relevant sites, you’ll probably see increased traffic to your website. High-quality backlinks are a regular source of substantial referral traffic to your site for months or years. 

And because that traffic originates from a related website to yours, it increases your chance of generating hot leads and sales.

3. Increase Your Credibility

High-quality links boost your credibility because they highly indicate your site’s authority. Google brings people the most relevant search results to answer their queries, and users usually look for site authority. 

The more reliable links point to your site, the higher your credibility. 

4. Higher Ranking in the SERPS

Besides credibility, links are crucial to how search engines rank your site—having more quality backlinks than your competition will give search engines a good reason to boost your ranking. 

Algorithms are crucial and always favour sites that constantly establish value and authority. 

5. Improve Your Site Metrics

Lastly, allowing SEO services to handle the link building process can help improve your site metrics. 

‘Domain Rating,’ ‘Domain Authority,’ and ‘Page Rank’ are ranking factors that can benefit or hinder your site’s progress in the search results.  

Link building with quality backlinks can increase your site metrics and give your site a ‘healthy status.’

Can Link Exchange Benefit Your SEO

Generally, link exchanging or purchasing links isn’t ideal because while it may be a more effortless and cheaper way to gain backlinks, they’ll be low quality, usually spammy, and with no genuine authority. It’s an unfavourable way to manipulate the SERPs. 

Google’s algorithms have far-reaching insights. While they may be unable to determine if the backlink is immediately purchased or genuine, there are clues, and it has an unrelenting capacity to find out. And if it does, your site will significantly drop in the SERPs. 

And while link exchanging may be a bad practice, it can be good in some instances if the sites are high-quality and reliable or if you’re part of an affiliate programme linking to other reliable partners. It could be a valuable practice and is unlikely to be a problem on a smaller scale.

On the other hand, link exchanging with unfamiliar sites or having no affiliation, large-scale backlinking with irrelevant sites, or low quality will alarm search engines. You can get penalised and drop in rankings. 


Pairing regular, informative, and relevant content with high-quality link building can help boost your credibility and generate more leads and sales.

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