With the world progressing into the digital age, it is no surprise that businesses big and small are doing their best to maintain their company website. Company websites are the potential gateway for customers into learning more about your products or services. Plus, transactions or invitations for scheduled consultations are made simpler with the help of the Internet. But it takes more than a simple templated website to draw in more customers. 

To truly make your business thrive in today’s modern digital landscape, you need to pay attention to user experience. This is because the more customer-friendly features you have on your website, the better chances you have of making a sale or at least a good impression. 

In this article, we will share five features and tips that you can use to build a customer-friendly website for your business:

1. Easy Navigation

The best business websites are the ones that let the user explore pages with ease. These are the pages that take you exactly where they should, and 404 errors are nowhere in sight. 

To make your website’s navigation smoother, you need a reliable UI/UX designer to look into what may be bad for the user experience. Are the buttons too small to find? Is the dropdown menu too big for the screen? These are just a few of the problems that can be improved upon.

2. Responsive Chatbot

Customer service is incredibly vital to keeping a business website up and running. Chatbots are the customer support tool that every website needs, but don’t get it twisted. These AI chat support bubbles are not to replace actual human customer service. 

Chatbots merely help out customers who ask FAQs, which there are already templated answers and instructions for the user that’s asking. And if the customer’s problem is unique, then it at least gives the customer reassurance that their enquiries will be met!

3. Clear Contact Information

If you want people to reach your company, you have to make it easier to find your contact information. This is why you must provide a “Contact Us” button or post your business phone number on the home page. That way, they don’t have to waste their time digging through your pages to find it.

4. Detailed Product Pages

Online transactions are when people don’t get to see the actual product or meet the team they’ll be acquiring services from. Users need signs of legitimacy to solidify their faith in your business further, and putting every necessary detail and providing high-quality photos gives them that reassurance. 

5. Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

Did you know that there are almost 19 million Internet mobile users in Australia? And this rate is steadily growing as more and more people start to do everything on their phones. It would be a missed opportunity not to make your website more accessible to mobile users. This feature is something that your web development team will be able to do in no time!

The Wrap Up

Remember to always put yourself in the shoes of your user. If your website does not compel you, how can you expect anyone to be drawn to your website? Knowing the essential tips that we’ve shared above can make a big difference to your website’s traffic and the way it is received. The customer’s user experience is one of the top priorities of a website, so applying the given techniques will help growth significantly!

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