In the digital age, businesses need to have a strong online presence to succeed. Important factors include building social media, tapping into google search ads, and effectively making use of search engine optimization (SEO). 

SEO can have a powerful impact on your audience reach and credibility building. There are a few factors that can help ensure your SEO performance will be better than others. For this particular guide, the focus will be on Australian companies trying to make an impact on search results in their area. 

Relevant Content and Keywords

The way Google gives search results is by filtering keywords so that users only get content that is actually relevant to their specific query. The goal is to make content and feature keywords that match this rule and serve as a helpful resource worthy of the top results. That said, it’s important to avoid coming off as spammy. 

Essentially, content with 500 words and above perform well, especially if they can organically include the key phrases from the search query. 

Proper Domain Names and Extensions

You’ll want to be locally relevant and ensure that users automatically know what country your business operates in. It also helps search engines filter you as more relevant to queries that are specifically location-based. For instance, a firm having a “” extension will be much more likely to show up when someone looks for a digital marketing consultant in Adelaide as opposed to one with a US or UK domain. 

Accurate and Concise Title, Meta, and Tags

These are essential in communicating to both consumers and Google’s AI that your business is legitimate and your content is actually useful. In your meta description, you’ll need to put tags that contain key descriptors and relevant search phrases that are related to your posted content. For your title, you have to clearly note what the page’s content covers.

For both of these, being concise is important for both rankings in the results and readability. Google usually shows around 150 characters for your meta tag, and your title should not be more than 60 characters, so it doesn’t get cut off on the results page.

Reliable Outbound Links

While most businesses only consider inbound links for their website, outbound links make your content come off as more legitimate. It also helps you avoid getting flagged.

For these, use reliable resources for information that makes sense when linked to your anchor texts. Make sure these sites are also safe and don’t showcase opposing businesses.

Verified Google My Business Listing and Information

To maximize the opportunity of using SEO for conversions, you should have a complete and verified listing on Google My Business. It’s free and immediately makes your business much more searchable. It provides users with your basic information, contact details, operating hours, and business address. Just make sure it is consistent with the information displayed on your website.


These are essential pillars to have in your SEO roll-out. If you can stick to these when creating SEO content, beneficial performance should be secured. At the very least, these practices will prevent you from being banned, flagged, or falling off the grid.

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