Place a keyword in the search bar, hit click, and you will be given countless relevant results. But for most people, they tend to open only those at the top of the results; only then clicking two to three subsequent links should the first one bear slow and insufficient content. With this kind of setup, one can only imagine how many websites are left unvisited, all because of weak search engine optimisation (SEO).

The advent of smartphones has increased media consumption, with content-hungry visitors continuously growing in number. As online visits heavily determine a particular site’s visibility, most websites resort to mobile optimisation to drive sales and tighten market traction.

The question, however, is who is the best SEO company that can increase your website’s search ranking and popularity.

Google AMP and Its Revolutionary Features 

Apple has its Apple News, Facebook developed Instant Articles, and now the market for SEO services is made more competitive after Google introduced Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in 2016. Equipped with optimum features, this open-source and web-based service stands as the primary and go-to solution for content delivery and consumption.

Websites integrated with AMP load much more quickly on mobile, regardless of how extensive and unwieldy the content is—you can easily identify them through Google’s lightning bolt symbol. Simply put, pages and websites stamped with AMP symbols are proven to be a lot faster than traditional mobile-optimized pages. Another exciting thing that it offers is its relatively small data consumption without compromising the quality of content.

Some interesting benefits that Google AMP provides are:

  • Heightened website engagement
  • Higher search ranking and traffic
  • Lower bounce rates
  • Larger advertisement views
  • Increased click-through rates

Google AMP was developed to render a holistic and substantial search experience by providing the same level of benefit for both consumers and providers.

The Premise of Google AMP

Article-heavy websites and blogs are in need of AMP, more specifically if those websites function through Content Delivery Networks. It is common for these platforms to use performance optimization, which means characters are given priority instead of pixels. 

Another consideration is the programming language used by your website. Those JavaScript-powered functions and plugins are not given adequate attention, and this could turn out ineffective if you depend on the service of external tools to generate leads and harness visits. Lastly, a website already infused with mobile optimization measures can simply do without AMP.

Remember that AMP itself will not yield you a wave of new visitors or customers. It is merely an incredibly useful tool to improve user experiences on your website. AMP makes your content much easier to read and pleasing to the eye, and it will help website performance if you post a lot of long articles for your audience to consume.

Website Trajectory: From Here Forward

While it is true that Google AMP can increase visibility, websites may still receive attention and organic traffic with or without it. The only difference in availing of this solution is its ability to drive more significant consumption. More importantly, its use is only crucial for specific businesses, and others can go without the intervention.

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