Gaining success within and beyond the virtual landscape involves providing the best user experience through your website. 

Whether you’re aiming to sell a product or service, or get people to subscribe to your mailing list, the first step to achieving those goals will always be your website design—a great website will allow your business to stay competitive amidst the changing environment and increasing competition.

If you’re not satisfied with the website experience you have currently, follow our tips below to improve the experience of your potential customers:

1. Improve the Page Loading Time

Patience and understanding are not part of your website visitors’ vocabulary, which isn’t their fault—this is the expectation set upon websites and online platforms once the technology becomes more sophisticated. 

Since the Internet now allows for fast access to information, there’s no excuse for you to provide any less than that. With everything at their fingertips, loading time that’s even one second longer can cause them to lose interest in your website and visit a different one that loads faster than yours.

Faster will always be better! As such, you must make sure that your web pages load as fast as possible. You don’t have to change your website design completely; simply compressing your images and text can significantly increase your website’s loading speed.

2. Use White Space

One of the best things to improve your website’s design is to utilise negative space. Negative space, also known as white space, can significantly impact the user experience—it may not be composed of nice colours and striking visuals. Still, it is just as vital as any other design element.

When applied correctly, “nothing” can be a good thing. Leaving some areas empty adds breathing space; it makes your content more readable and scannable without overwhelming the user.

However, although it’s important to leave a portion of your page untouched, too much white space won’t do you any good. It’s all about balance—the best website design involves using the right amount of white space to highlight the length of the message you want to convey.

3. Be Consistent With Your Design Elements

In crafting a solid brand image and designing a user-friendly website, consistency is critical. Excellent website design isn’t about using design elements you think looks good—your visitors should feel like they’re on the same website, whichever page they jump to next.

Cool fonts and striking colours aren’t what’s going to impress people; drastic design changes will only lead to confusion and difficulty navigating different pages, causing them to lose trust in your website.

To provide the best website experience, everything must match, from heading sizes and font choices to button styles and spacing. All of your design elements should complement each other and remain consistent throughout the website.

Website Design Is the Key to Online Success

With excellent website design, you can turn those clicks into conversions! All it takes is the proper use of elements to enhance the user experience. As long as you collaborate with a reputable web design agency that can address your needs, your business is sure to rank on search results and become an unshakeable presence in your industry!

If you want a great website that converts leads into customers, leave it to our team at Frank Digital to do the job! We will create a fully customised website design that reflects your vision, helping uplift conversions, gain more online leads, and turn visitors into buyers. Request a no-obligation FREE consultation today!