Many brands think that launching a website is the last part of the process when, in fact, it’s only the beginning. A website is an ever-evolving tool that you need to keep a close eye on to succeed in your endeavour.

With that said, websites need redesigning and revamping every once in a while, especially if you consider how quickly design trends come and go.

If you’re considering getting a website redesign, maybe pause for a minute. After all, you need an RFP to move on with the process. 

What Is a Website RFP?

A website RFP (or a website request for proposal) is a document you send to different web design companies. It should detail everything you wish to see on a redesigned website.

Your website RFP should include the following information:

  • Information about your brand, goals, and objectives
  • Descriptions of your industry and potential audience
  • Information about your existing brand and marketing strategy
  • Details on your current website
  • A description of your ideal website
  • Your budget
  • A timeline, if you have one in mind
  • A list of the specific features you want your site to have

Web design studios that get a copy of your RFP will use it to determine whether or not they’re the right fit for your project and, ultimately, your business.

What You Need to Redesign Your Website

Aside from your website RFP, you also need a few other details to move forth with your website redesign project. See these details below.

1. A Clear Understanding of Your Brand Identity

Your brand identity is one of the most important details you should keep in mind when redesigning your website.

After all, your website will reflect your brand, so you need to be extra careful about what you put on there.

For this reason, you should hire a branding expert to come up with a new design for your website. The branding expert should be capable of working with your chosen web design company.

2. The Knowledge of Who Your Target Audience Is

Website redesigns are there to improve the experience of your targeted audience. Therefore, you must have a good understanding of who your target audience is.

What age group does your target audience belong to? Is your target audience primarily men or women? What are their likes and dislikes?

These are all questions to ask and answer when redesigning your website.

3. An Idea of What Website Features You Want for Your Redesign

As previously mentioned, your RFP should include the features and information you want on your website so your chosen web design company can move forward with the project.

If you don’t have an idea of what you want, it’s time to sit down and think about how you want to enhance your website.

Features you may want to consider are a blog made to be interactive, a newsletter subscription feature, a contact form, and a shopping cart, among others.

Website Redesign, at a Glance

Website redesigns are one of the most important marketing moves you can make. After all, your website is where most of your traffic comes from.

As such, it’s a good idea to spend some time carefully planning a website redesign, so you don’t end up with a site that isn’t reflective of your business.

Frank Digital Agency is a website design company in Adelaide that is keen on ensuring that your redesign process goes according to plan. Our team of experts is excited to work closely with you throughout the project’s duration. Contact us today to get started!